Getting Started Guide

Congrats on your new Grasshopper account! This guide includes everything you need to get familiar with how Grasshopper works and help you set up the important stuff of your account: extensions, greetings, and users.

Note : If you signed up before June, 2011, check out the Grasshopper Portal Guide for help with your account.

Grasshopper offers two different types of extensions:

  • Departments (like sales, billing, etc) have a single-digit extension.
  • Employees (for individuals) have a three-digit extension.

Adding an Extension
To add your first extension, go to Extensions, then choose to add your first extension:


Next, add info for your extension, like the name, timezone, and a pin so you can access messages from your phone. If multiple people need access to this account, you can give them access here too. (You can leave extension name blank.)


Setting up Call Forwarding
Once you have the extension added, you can set up call forwarding. This means Grasshopper will ring your phone when you get a call to that Grasshopper extension. Click Add a forwarding number to add a number for us to forward calls to:


Next you’ll see the options for how we’ll connect your calls:


  • Call Announce (default) : Calls will be announced when you pick up. When a call comes in you can accept the call, send the call to voicemail, or listen to their CallerID phone number. If you don't answer, the call either rolls over to the next number in queue or goes to voicemail.
  • Direct Connect : Calls will connect to you as soon as you pick up. Direct Connect sends the call directly to the forwarding phone number. If you don't answer, the voicemail is left on the destination number's voicemail.
  • Call Screening: Callers are asked for their name so you know who is calling. Call Screening acts like Call Announce but the caller has to record their name before the forwarding process begins. When you answer the call, you'll hear the caller's name and can choose to accept or decline the call.

Call Forwarding Schedule
When you add a number for calls to be forwarded to, you’ll see the call forwarding schedule. By default it is set to 24/7. If you don't want to receive calls 24 hours a day, you can set your own schedule by clicking the drop down:


You can also use the Custom Schedule to specify days and times calls will be forwarded:


Anything outside of these hours will either skip to the next number in the list or go directly to voicemail.

Once you click  Add this number, you’ll see how to turn forwarding on or off with just a click:


You'll also see the option to change when we ring your phone with new calls by clicking Options:

Note: This only applies if you have more than one forwarding number on an extension.


Setting up Notifications
The notifications section is where you can enter an email address and SMS/text addresses for Grasshopper to send voicemail notifications. The default option is Notification with Attachment, which will attach a copy of your voicemail as an MP3 so you can listen to the message on your computer or phone:


And yes! You can add more than one email!

Recording Greetings
To record a greeting for your extension, scroll down to the greetings section:


You can record them over the phone, create them on your computer, upload them, or use our Professional Voice Studio:


Uploading an audio file and recording your greetings by computer are both super simple and very straightforward! Just click Upload or Record and you'll be on your way. For instructions on how to record your greeting over the phone or use our Voice Studio, read on!

Tip: If you have trouble using our Record by Computer option, check out this help article .

Greetings over the Phone
Recording greetings over the phone is super simple! Just follow these steps:

To record the Main Greeting for your Grasshopper account:

  • Call your Grasshopper phone number (you can find this on the sidebar of any page under “Your Phone Numbers”.)
  • When the default greeting starts, press * followed by #, then enter your master pin number.
  • If it is your first time logging in over the phone, a tutorial will guide you through the setup process. (Press 1 to skip the tutorial!)
  • Pro-tip: From the main menu, press option 2 to manage your greetings.
  • From the Greetings Manager, press option 1 to record your main greeting over the phone.

To record individual Extension Greetings:

  • Call your account phone number.
  • When the default greeting starts, press * followed by the extension number, then # followed by the extension's pin number. (You can find this by going to the extension settings, then looking in the sidebar.)
  • If it’s your first time logging in over the phone, a tutorial will guide you through the set up process. (Press 2 to skip the tutorial!)
  • Pro-tip: From the main menu, press option 2 to manage your greetings.
  • From the Greetings Manager, press option 1 to record your main greeting over the phone and option 2 to record your mailbox name, and press option 3 to record your transfer message.

Using the Voice Studio
Our Voice Studio option lets you submit your scripts to us via your voice studio cart to have them recorded by a professional voice talent:


After you choose this option, go through the steps to have your new greeting scripted and sent to our studio for recording:


Our Voice Studio is just $75 per recorded greeting, but it’s always free for Max plan customers!

When you sign up for Grasshopper, we make you the administrator user on the account. You can create additional users with varying permissions for employees or coworkers.

Just go to Settings, then click the Users tab. You’ll see a list of your users, their permission level, and a drop-down of which extensions they can access:


And that’s it! All you need to do to get going is set up your extensions, add numbers for us to forward calls to, then invite other users to join your account. It can’t be more simple!