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Record a Greeting

Record new or upload existing personal messages for your callers when you're unavailable to answer their call.

  1. Sign in at
  2. Go to Settings > Greetings.
  3. Choose the type of greeting to record:
    • To record an account greeting, select Change Greeting next to your main or away greeting. To update the account greetings, you must have admin permissions.
    • To record an extension greeting, select Show other greetings next to the desired extension and then select Change Greeting next to the desired greeting type.
  4. Select Create new greeting.
  5. Choose a recording option:
    Option How-to
    Voice Studio Select Voice Studio and follow these instructions.
    Record via Phone Select Use Phone and follow the on-screen instructions.
    Upload audio file
    1. Select Upload and then choose a supported file from your computer.
      • MP3, MP4, or M4A up to 5 MB
      • 16 bit Mono
      • 100 kHz
      • File name of 24 characters or less
      • Size of 5 MB or less (2 minutes)
    2. Select Upload greeting.
    Record by Computer
    1. Select Record.
    2. Select the microphone icon to start recording and then select the icon again when finished.
    3. Select Keep.
  6. Select Use next to your new greeting.
  7. Optional: Choose how calls are handled if there is no input after the main greeting plays:
    • Repeat main greeting (default)
    • Transfer to an extension
    • End call
  8. Select the trash can icon to delete a recording.
What to do next: Your new greeting will be played when callers call your number. It may take a few minutes for your greeting to take effect. To ensure your number is set to play your greeting, go to Numbers and select your greeting.