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Place a Voice Studio Order

Voice Studio hires professional voice actors to record your greetings and prompts for $75 per order.

Before you begin: You must have admin permissions.
  1. Sign in at
  2. Select Visit the Voice Studio from the right navigation menu and then select Edit.
  3. Use the Choose a voice actor drop-down menu to choose which Voice Studio professional you wish to use for this order (one voice actor per order). You can select Listen to preview each one.
    Note: We have voice actors who can record in English, Spanish, and French. The script must be written in the chosen language, as translation services are unavailable.
  4. From Write your scripts, select an option from the left menu, enter the applicable script of under 1000 characters, and then select Save script and add to order. For extensions, the voice studio can record a voicemail greeting, transfer messages, and recorded names.
    Tip: You can add a phonetic spelling to your name within the script to help the voice talent with pronunciation.
  5. Repeat step 4 to add additional scripts to the order. One order can include unlimited scripts using the same voice actor and language.
  6. Before you checkout, review all scripts. All Voice Studio requests are final sale.
  7. Select I’m done, let’s checkout.
  8. Enable the final sale checkbox and then select Purchase & submit request to Voice Studio.
What to do next: Voice studio recordings will be sent via email within 7 business days. Once you receive the email with your recording, upload it to greetings.