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What are the different types of greetings on my account?

    Recorded greetings help guide customers through their calls as seamlessly as possible.Your account offers lots of different places to customize greetings and voicemails, most of which come pre-loaded with a system default as part of your initial account configuration. Learn more about each one and how to customize or disable them below.

    Main Greetings

    This is the first thing callers hear when they call your Grasshopper number.

    • Main Greeting: "Thank you for calling. To speak to a representative, please press 0." Main greetings are most common on accounts with multiple extensions for callers to choose from. It usually prompts the caller to take some kind of action ("press 1 for sales"). If you record a custom main greeting, be sure to include the extensions available to callers.
    • Main Away Greeting: "We are closed for the national holiday. To leave a voicemail, please press 0." This alternative main greeting can be set to play whenever your office is closed or you are on vacation. You can even schedule your out-of-office and vacation hours ahead of time! There is no system default, so be sure to record or upload your own if you wish to use it.

    Extension Greetings

    If you have set up extensions, then you can also customize the greetings and voicemails for each one individually.

    • Call Forwarding Greeting: "Please hold while we connect your call to extension X." If enabled, this announcement will play (followed by hold music) after a caller selects an extension from the main greeting options.
    • Recorded Extension Name: "Extension X." Your recorded name or department name is played when searching the name directory, or when you receive a call with call announce enabled.
    • Extension Voicemail Greeting: "Thank you for calling John Smith. Please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible." If a customer is transferred to an extension but the call is missed, these greetings will play just before the beep.
    • Extension Away Greeting: "You have reached John Smith. I am currently out of office, but will return your call when I return." Just like the main away greeting, this can be configured to play when your extension is selected and you are out of the office. There is no default, so be sure to record or upload your own if you wish to use it.