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Create a schedule

    Automatically direct your callers based on a pre-set schedule for open and closed hours.

    Before you begin:
    • To create an account-wide schedule, you must have admin permissions.
    • Before creating a schedule, you will need an away greeting recorded (LINK) and added to the system or extension (LINK).
    1. Sign in at
    2. Go to Settings > Greetings.
    3. Choose the type of schedule you want to create:
      • To create an account-wide schedule, select Change Greeting for the Away Greeting.
      • To create a schedule for an extension, select Show other greetings for the desired extension.
    4. From The away greeting will under Options, choose Play when we are closed or on vacation.
    5. From My open hours are, choose your schedule. If you choose Custom Schedule, select Add Time Slot to add your open hours.
    6. Select Save Options.