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How do extensions work in Grasshopper?

    Grasshopper extensions determine how incoming calls are routed within your Grasshopper account. At least one extension must be set up for you to receive calls, which is why all Grasshopper accounts have the default Extension 0. This ensures that you will start receiving calls right away.

    Grasshopper has two different extension types: Department extensions and Employee extensions. There are no functionality differences between the two extension types. So you can use Department extensions for your employees and vice versa. The only difference is Department extensions use the numbers 1-6 and Employee extensions use 3-digit numbers starting with 7, so 700, 701, and 702 etc.

    To add an extension, see How do I add a new extension?

    To set up your calls to ring directly to you without a main greeting, see How do I send calls directly to my phone without a greeting?

    To set up your calls to forward to your extensions, see How do I set up call forwarding settings for my extensions?

    For information on the usage of extensions with multiple Grasshopper numbers, see How do multiple Grasshopper numbers work on the same account?

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