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Can I upload my own greetings?

    Yes, you have the option to upload an audio file for any of the greetings on your account, no extra charge! See all customization options here.
    If uploading a file, please make sure it adheres to the following requirements:
    • MP3, MP4, or M4A up to 5 MB
    • 16 bit Mono
    • 100 kHz
    • File name of 24 characters or less
    • Size of 5 MB or less (2 minutes)
    If you are trying to upload a file from your computer and receive the message "unexpected error occurred", please review the file requirements listed above and try again. This error is likely the result of the file not meeting one or more of those requirements.
    Note: If you ordered greetings from our Voice Studio team, make sure you save the greeting to your computer before trying to upload.

    1. Sign in at
    2. To upload a main greeting:
      1. Go to Settings > Greetings.
      2. Next to Main greeting select Create New Greeting.
      3. Select Upload.
    3. To upload an extension greeting:
      1. Go to Settings > Greetings.
      2. From the extension select Show other greetings.
      3. From the desired greeting type select Change Greeting > Create New Greeting.
      4. Select Upload.