What are Q&A extensions?

    Q&A extensions will prompt callers to answer a series of questions that Grasshopper will then consolidate into one voicemail for you. This feature is typically used for lead generation and order taking when you can't to allocate a human being for information collection.

    Note: If you signed up after June 2011, please contact our support team to activate this feature.

    How do Q&A extensions work?

    • It's easy! Just record a set of questions that you want your callers to answer. Your caller will answer a question, press #, then hear the next question. When the caller is finished answering your questions, we'll consolidate all the answers into one voicemail for you.

    How many Q&A extensions can I have?

    • The sky is the limit! You can have as many Q&A extensions as you need!

    What is the maximum number of questions I can have on a Q&A extension?

    • Q&A extensions are identified by a 3-digit number, so technically you could have up to 999 questions on a Q&A extension, but we don't recommend that. We recommend sticking to around 10 or so questions.

    Here's how to setup Q&A extensions in your account:

    1. Go to Settings > Extensions.
    2. Select which extension you'd like to set up for Q&A.
    3. Select the Forwarding Options tab in the sidebar and then expand the bottom section to choose what to do next. You'll want to choose Then ask a series of questions....
    4. Next, add your questions!