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Why are calls going straight to voicemail?

    You can choose to send calls straight to voicemail instead of having them ring to your phone first. However, if you did not set this up intentionally then there are multiple settings that could be inadvertently causing your incoming calls to go straight to voicemail.
    • Is call forwarding disabled? If there are no call forwarding numbers added for an extension (or they are all set to "off"), then calls made to that extension will be sent straight to voicemail. Learn how to enable call forwarding.
    • Is the ring time too short? The ring-time setting determines how long your phone will ring before sending callers to voicemail. it's possible that the setting for the phone number is too short to allow time for your phone to ring. Learn how to extend it.
    • Is your main greeting properly enabled? If you recorded a custom main greeting for your account, make sure that Play my main greeting has been properly enabled under Settings > Numbers. The default main greeting instructs customers to press 0, so if you also disabled call forwarding for the default extension 0 then any customers who press 0 would be sent straight to voicemail.
    • Are you using Call Blasting? If call blasting is enabled on your account, then all call-forwarding numbers listed under any given extension must have their settings configured identically in order to work properly (otherwise, something like a short ring time on one call-forwarding number could be impacting the other call-forwarding number on the extension). Learn how to check the call-forwarding settings.
    • Is your phone number listed more than once for an extension? If you accidentally added your phone number twice to an extension's call-forwarding settings, it's possible that one of those duplicate entries has been configured to go straight to voicemail. Learn how to check the call-forwarding settings.
    • Is "Silence Unknown Callers" enabled? If you're using an iPhone running iOS 13 or newer, there is a call-blocking option that will send unknown callers - including calls from Grasshopper - straight to voicemail. You can either add your phone number as a contact on your phone, or disable the option under Settings > Phone and then Silence Unknown Callers.
    • Is your Grasshopper phone number blocked on your phone? If all else fails, try checking your blocked callers list on your iPhone or Android to make sure that you didn't inadvertently block incoming calls from your Grasshopper phone number.