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Manage my account billing information

    Learn how to download invoices, view minutes used, view and edit payment information, or view and edit contact information.

    Before you begin: You must have admin permissions.
    1. Sign in at
    2. Go to Settings > Account.
    3. Follow the steps below to complete the following tasks:
      Option How-to
      Change my plan
      Note: If you upgrade your plan, changes will take effect immediately. If you downgrade your plan, changes will only occur on the next renewal date. For monthly plans, that means the next month's bill date. For annual plans, that means on the annual renewal date.
      1. From Your Pricing Plan, choose a new plan. Learn about available plans.
      2. Select Yes, change my plan to confirm.
      Find minutes used View your minutes used from Minutes used this billing cycle.
      Change payment info
      Note: We only accept payment via Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit cards.
      1. From Credit Card Info, select Edit.
      2. Enter the new payment information and then select Save.
      View and/or edit contact information
      1. From Contact Info, select Edit.
      2. Enter the new information and then select Save.
      Find customer ID/account number View your customer ID from Customer ID.
      View and/or edit primary pin From Primary PIN, enter a new 4-digit number into the text field.
      Download invoices From View Previous Invoices choose the desired month and then select Download Invoice.