How do I create an away greeting for an extension?

    Each individual extension can have its own custom away greeting, which can be set to play instead of the extension's regular voicemail greeting whenever you are away from your desk or closed. Callers will be able to leave a voicemail message with an away greeting in your extension.

    Learn more about how you can create a custom schedule and the different greeting types.

    Tip: You can also create a main away greeting that your callers will hear as soon as they dial your number.
    1. Sign in at
    2. Go to Settings > Greetings.
    3. Select Show other greetings next to the desired extension.
    4. Select Change greeting next to the desired greeting type.
    5. To select an existing greeting, select Use.
    6. To create a new greeting, select Create new greeting and select a recording method. Once you've created a new greeting select Use to choose it.
    7. Select when the away greeting will play under Options.