The main greeting is the first thing a caller hears when they call your Grasshopper number. It's generally used on accounts with multiple extensions for callers to choose from (as opposed to a single call-forwarding number).  

The default Grasshopper main greeting says “Thank you for calling. To speak to a representative, please press 0”.  To change the default greeting, create your own customized main greeting to use for your Grasshopper number. Before you create your main greeting, write a script of what you want your main greeting to say. 

Once your script is ready, Grasshopper has several recording options to choose from: 

  • Voice Studio – Have a voice actor record your greeting. 
  • Record via Phone – Record your own greeting using your phone. 
  • Upload audio file – Use an audio file. 
  • Record by Computer – Use your computer’s microphone.

To create your customized main greeting, do the following:

  1. Log in at  
  2. Go to Settings > Greetings.
  3. Next to Main Greeting, click Change Greeting.
  4. To create a new greeting, click Create new greeting.
  5. Select a recording option: 
    • Voice Studio - Click Voice Studio and follow these instructions
    • Record via Phone 
      1. Click Use.
      2. Follow the on screen instructions to record your greeting.
    • Upload audio file
      1. Click Upload.
      2. Select your file and click upload greeting. 
    • Record by Computer
      1. Click Record.
      2. Click microphone icon to start the recording. 
  6. To use your new greeting, click Use next to your new greeting. 
  7. Optional: Choose how calls are handled if there is no input after the main greeting displays, by selecting one of the following: 
    • Repeat main greeting (default) 
    • Transfer to an extension 
    • End call 

Your new greeting will played when callers call your number. It may take a few minutes for your greeting to take effect. To ensure your Grasshopper number is set to play your greeting, go to Numbers and select your greeting.