The main away greeting is an "alternative" main greeting, and can be set to play whenever your office is closed or you are on vacation. You can even schedule your out-of-office and vacation hours ahead of time! Keep in mind that it is not possible for callers to leave a voicemail when the main away greeting is enabled. Learn more about other greeting types here 

TIP: Are you looking for info about away greetings for extensions? See here!

  1. Log in at
  2. Select the Main Greetings tab. 
  3. Next to "Away Greeting," click Change Greeting.
  4. Here you'll see your library of away greetings, including the system default and any custom greetings you have already created.
    • Click Use to select an existing greeting, OR
    • Click Create new away greeting to start a new one, then choose a customization option. Once you've created the greeting, be sure to return to Step #4 and select Use to switch to it. Note that there may be a delay before it is ready to be used. 
  5. Under "Options," you can select additional customizations:
    • Use the drop-down menu to choose when the main away greeting should be played instead of your main greeting. 
    • If desired, set up a Vacation Schedule.