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How do I add additional features to my plan?

    There are several advanced features that can be added on to your account (some with an additional monthly fee).Any user with admin permissions can activate or deactivate these add-on features from the online portal. Extra fees may apply to some or all of these features, depending on your account.
    1. Sign in at
    2. Go to Settings > Features.
    3. Use the buttons in each section to turn features on or off.

      • Grasshopper SMS can be turned on or off for each individual phone number on your account.
      • Read your voicemail and call blasting can turned on or off for the entire account.
      • Virtual fax can be turned on or off for the entire account, no extra fee required! Be sure to specify the recipient's email address.

    4. Enable the checkbox and select Confirm or Save when turning a feature on or off for changes to apply.
    If there are extra fees for any of the features you turn on or off, you will see the changes applied on your next billing statement.