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Set Up Ruby Receptionist

Ruby Receptionist is a live, virtual receptionist service that can be used with Grasshopper. Learn more below.

Attention: You must have admin permissions.
Note: If you have Ruby Receptionist on your account, we recommend you have a separate fax number, as Ruby Receptionist cannot receive fax transmissions. Contact support to set up a separate fax number.

What is Ruby Receptionist?

Ruby Receptionist is a friendly, live, virtual receptionist service that will answer calls, transfer them to you live, answer questions for callers, or even take messages based on the customized settings you have created for your receptionist. Watch video

What is included with Ruby Receptionist?

Each plan comes with:
  • Reception minutes (50, 100, or 200). Minutes do not roll over from one month to the next.
  • The receptionists work Monday through Friday 8am-12am EST, Saturday and Sunday, 9am-9pm EST
  • Spanish bilingual receptionists
  • Outbound call assist
  • The Ruby App to manage your status and receptionist message activity
  • Voicemail available in the Ruby App and send to you via email
  • Unlimited users – all plans are based on minutes, not users

Ruby Receptionist Use Cases

  • Forward calls to Ruby during certain hours: Ruby can answer calls during certain hours for an extension or multiple extensions. For example, if your business is open and you’re answering calls from 9-5, you can have Ruby set to answer calls during your closed hours.
  • Use Ruby as a main greeting option: Use Ruby to answer one of your extensions from your main greeting. All calls for that menu option or extension will go to Ruby. For example, you can have Ruby set to a specific extension for billing so all calls for billing will get answered by Ruby.
  • Forward calls to Ruby all the time: Have Ruby answer all your incoming calls while you work.
  • Call Forward Busy/No Answer (CFBNA): If you and your employees are too busy to answer phones, you can have Ruby answer calls after a certain amount of time. This ensures that your customers always get a live person to take their call.

Set up Ruby Assistant

To get Ruby Receptionist on your account, go to and select Get Ruby. Fill out the form and someone from Ruby Receptionist will reach out.

Need help with Ruby?

Watch video
  • If you have issues with call forwarding for your extensions or what happens before a call gets routed to your receptionist, select Contact Support.
  • If you have issues with the call handling once the call is picked up by the receptionist, contact Ruby support.
  • If you need to cancel your Ruby service, contact the Grasshopper support team by selecting Contact Support.