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Register My Landline Phone

Use your landline for business calls with the calling card feature. Your business number will show as the caller ID when making calls from your landline. You can also register multiple lines.

Before you begin: You must have admin permissions.
  • Calling card will only work if the caller ID for this line is always the same. This will not work for a randomly generated number (such as Skype or other online services).
  • If you are not on an unlimited minutes plan, minutes used with this feature are deducted from the included minutes in your plan. If you go over your included minutes, you'll be charged the overage rate of your plan.
  1. Calling card is disabled by default on all accounts. Select Contact Support to request calling card be enabled on your account. You will need to provide your master PIN.
  2. Once calling card is enabled on your account, register each landline:
    1. Dial (888) 989-8688 from the landline phone.
    2. Enter your Grasshopper phone number, then dial #.
    3. Enter the extension number, then dial #.
    4. Enter the PIN for the extension, then dial #.
  3. To make outbound calls:
    1. Dial (888) 989-8688 from the landline phone.
    2. You'll hear "phone number recognized". When prompted, dial the phone number you wish to call.
  4. Optional: If you need to register a different phone number than the original number that was registered, or delete the existing number from the system:
    1. Dial (888) 989-8688 from the landline phone.
    2. Press 2 to enter the system settings.
    3. Press 3 to delete the number from the system. The update may take up to 24 hours.