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Get The Most Out of Grasshopper Mobile App - Tips and Tricks

    The Grasshopper mobile app makes it easy to stay connected to your business while on the go. Here are some quick tips, actions, and best practices to make the mobile app even more useful to you and your business.

    Tips & tricks

    • Transfer a live call: Easily transfer a live call to another extension by pressing the # twice (##) on a live call, then following the prompts. This option is only available for incoming calls.
    • Block a phone number: Getting unwanted calls? Swipe left on any phone number and then select More for the option to Add to Blocked Numbers.
    • Save your favorites: For the option to add a person or extension you contact frequently to your favorites, select Favorites on the call screen.
    • See caller's history: To see related calls or the call history for a caller, select the information icon (i) on any phone number in the recent calls section.
    • Save your contacts: Swipe left on any phone number and then click More for the option to add it to your contacts.
    • Mark text messages as unread: Swipe right on a text message to mark it as unread. This will add the notification back to your text message so you remember to follow up.
    • Mark text messages as done: Swipe left on a text message and mark your text Done. This will remove your text from the all tab and put it in your done tab.

    Best practices

    • Save your Grasshopper number as a contact in your mobile phone so you always know when it's a Grasshopper call. Your account must be set to show the caller ID of your Grasshopper number for this to work.
    • Keep your cell phone number private by making outbound calls from the desktop and mobile apps.
    • Get back to customers quickly with a text message when you can't take their calls.