Yes, informational extensions can be used to give callers up-to-date information about your company, products and services without speaking to a representative. There are a few methods for creating informational extensions.

1. Use your voicemail greeting. 

You can easily make one of your extensions "informational only" by simply turning off call-forwarding for that extension and using the voicemail greeting to provide your message. Note that by default your callers will hear a beep and be prompted to leave a voicemail after the message. If you'd prefer to just have the message repeat, you can contact our Customer Care team to disable voicemail and repeat the message for that extension. 

2. Enable "enhanced extensions."

These extensions allow you to provide detailed information using nested sub-menus that allow callers to explore other topics. You can provde up to 5 topics and up to 5 sub-topics with enhanced extensions, and there is no limit on message length. In this case, callers will not be able to leave a voicemail. If you'd like to have enhanced extensions enabled on your account, please contact Customer Care with your request.