FAQs for click-to-call

What is click-to-call?

Click-to-call enables customers and prospects to connect with you directly via phone by either entering their phone number or clicking a widget on your website. Click-to-call can be as simple as including your business’ phone number as a link, or it can appear as an eye-catching widget on any page of your website. Click-to-call is an efficient way to connect you with sales prospects or customers as they are viewing your site, making it easier to connect with or convert your site’s visitors.


How do I install click-to-call on my site?

It’s pretty simple. Once you request our click-to-call beta feature, we'll send you the necessary code and you'll just need to put it on the pages you want to add the click-to-call widget to.


What will Grasshopper’s click-to-call look like when it’s installed on my site?

Once the necessary code is added to your site, the click-to-call widget will appear in the bottom right hand corner of any page(s) the code is installed on.

During the Beta, the widget location isn’t customizable. We'd love to hear any and all feedback on the location of the widget and what you’d like to see for your business.


How does click-to-call work?

Once a number is entered in the widget and “Connect the call!” is clicked, we’ll initiate a call from your Grasshopper number to the phone number entered into the widget. Once the person at the other end answers the call, we’ll then try to reach you.

If the caller doesn’t answer, you’ll still be able to see a record of this and the number they entered in your reports.


How are calls initiated using the click-to-call widget tracked?

The calls will be tracked the same as any other Grasshopper call.

If you miss the call, the call will show up as a missed call in your reports and your caller will be sent to voicemail.

If you answer the call, it’ll show in your call reports but will look a little differently than your regular incoming calls. (That's how you'll be able to differentiate between regular calls and click-to-call calls.)


What will my site visitor’s experience be when using the widget?

When your site visitors click “Connect With Us” the window below will pop-up. Visitors will need to enter the phone number they want you to call them at and we’ll initiate a call between the two numbers (your Grasshopper number and the number they entered.) It’s that simple!




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