Only admins have the ability to change usernames. Once a username has been changed the user must use that username to log into their account.

NOTE: Every Grasshopper user must have a unique email address per account to log in by January 15, 2022 or you may experience service disruptions.

To change a username, do the following:  

  1. Log in at  
  2. Go to Settings > Users.
  3. Click Edit next to a user.
  4. Depending on if you are already using a username or using an email address do one of the following:
    • If you are using your email as your username:
      1. Update the email address to a unique one for the user. This email will be used going forward for the user's account.
      2. Click Save & Close.
      3. Click Edit again and update the username.
    • If you are using a username, change your username to a unique email address. This will be the email address you need to log in to Grasshopper. 
  5. Click Save & Close.