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How can I set up a schedule to ring to me directly during the day and have a main greeting at night when the office is closed?

    Set up a custom forwarding schedule with an away greeting to play when your business is closed.

    1. Sign in at
    2. Go to Settings > Numbers.
    3. Next to the desired phone number select Transfer to extension and then choose the desired extension.
    4. To input the correct phone number within your extension, go to Extensions and then select Edit next to the extension used in the prior step.
    5. Select Add a forwarding number and enter the phone number you'd like calls to be forwarded to.
    6. From When do you want this number to receive calls? enter your call forwarding schedule.
    7. Select Add this number.
    8. To set up the away greeting go to Settings > Greetings.
    9. From Extension greetings, find the extension used above and then select Show other greetings.
    10. From Away greeting, select Change greeting > Create new away greeting and record the greeting to be used when your business is closed.
    11. Once the greeting has been recorded, select Options.
    12. Next to The away greeting will, select Play when we are closed or on vacation.
    13. Choose your business hours from My open hours are. The new away greeting will play outside of the hours chosen.
    14. Select Save options.