Rest assured, your callers are able to leave voicemails. If you are hearing “Press 1 to accept, press 2 to go to voicemail” on your voicemail's inbox, you are receiving the Grasshopper call screening announcement. You would generally hear this message when you pick up an incoming call.

To stop this from happening, you should shorten the “ring for” time within your extension settings

To change this, sign in on the Grasshopper website, click Extensions , then select Edit on the Extension you want to change. Next, click Edit next to the forwarding number you want to update this setting on.

Select “ring for” and change to 25 seconds.

User Tip: Don't hit the 'ignore' button on your phone when you receive and incoming call. This will immediately send Grasshopper into your phone's personal voicemail, instead of your custom Grasshopper voicemail. Rather than hit 'ignore' for calls, either answer the call and hit '2' to send the caller to voicemail, or simply let the call ring out. Both options will ensure that missed calls are sent to your Grasshopper voicemail.