What is Extension 8 - Name Directory?

The name directory can be used for companies that have employee extensions setup.This can also be useful for your callers if they know who they are trying to reach!

In your Main Greeting, you can prompt callers to press 8 for the dial by name directory if they know who they would like to speak with.

Once they press 8, they will be prompted to enter the first 3 letters of the persons first or last name.

Our system will then look at the settings you have created (within your Name Directory extension) for the extension the caller should be routed to.

To confirm you have entered your employee names into the dial by name directory, log into your account and click on E xtensions then Edit next to the Dial by name directory.

Make sure the employee extensions have a first and last name in the boxes provided.

Save and close the extension

To add another employee, simply add an extension under Employee Extensions .