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What is Extension 8 - Name Directory?

    The Name Directory is intended for companies that have multiple employees who each have their own extension.

    While typically a main greeting will be used to list out the available department extensions, the Name Directory provides a similar alternative for making employee extensions available by allowing callers to search by employee name. It's especially useful for callers who know who they are trying to reach, but might be less applicable for accounts that have multiple employees responsible for each extension.

    When the Name Directory is set up, incoming callers who access the Name Directory (extension 8) will hear the following: "Please enter the first few letters of the person's first or last name followed by #." Grasshopper will then look at the settings you have created within your Name Directory extension, and automatically route them to the correct extension.

    Note: While there are fields for the department extensions and our system can recognize department names and connect callers to the right extensions, we recommend that the feature be used for employee extensions' names only. Otherwise, callers will likely be confused when they hear the prompt to enter the person's name.