Ruby Receptionist Frequently Asked Questions

    Grasshopper and Ruby are collaborating to bring you a new-to-Grasshopper feature - live, virtual receptionists! As a Grasshopper customer, you have access to Ruby's award-winning receptionist service through your existing account.

    If you have not yet purchased this feature, please check out this page to learn more about plans and pricing!

    What is the difference between Grasshopper and Ruby?

    • Grasshopper is the phone system who hosts your number and where you can organize your phone tree, call forwarding settings, customize your schedules, and send and receive text messages. Ruby is a friendly, live virtual receptionist service that will answer calls, transfer them to you live, answer questions for callers, or even take messages based on the customized settings you have created for your receptionist and within your account.

    What is included in each pricing plan?

    • There are three different pricing plans - Starter, Grow and Elevate. To learn more, click here.
    • Each plan comes with:
      • Receptionist minutes included (50, 100 and 200 respectively)
      • Live receptionists to answer your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long!
      • Spanish bilingual receptionists
      • Outbound Call Assist
      • The Ruby App so you can manage your status and receptionist message activity
      • Voicemail both available in the Ruby App as well as sent to you via email
      • Unlimited Users - all plans are minute based so you can use Ruby with all of your users

    Do my unused minutes roll over?

    • Unused minutes do not roll over; however, we can help you optimize your account to use the minutes most efficiently. Please reach out to a Ruby support agent to assist you with this!

    How does Ruby communicate with me if I am unable to take the call?

    • Your receptionists will send you an email message with the details of the call and any voicemail left for you will be included as an attached sound file. You can also access these messages and voicemails left via your receptionist within the Ruby app. If you'd like to get text messages with this information, a member of the Ruby Customer Happiness team would be able to assist with that!

    At what times are receptionists available to answer my calls?

    • The receptionists work Monday through Friday 8am-12am Eastern Time (5am-9pm Pacific Time), Saturday and Sunday, 9am-9pm Eastern (6am-6pm Pacific)

    What is a Receptionist Minute?

    • Receptionist minutes are billed in 30-second increments, and calls are rounded up to the nearest 30-second mark. As an example, if a call is ten seconds long, it will be billed as 30 seconds (or half of a receptionist minute). For inbound calls, receptionist time is calculated starting from the time the receptionist receives the call and ends when a receptionist transfers the call through to someone or to voicemail, or otherwise disconnects because the call is over. We include hold time and exclude the talk time once a call is transferred to you or your voicemail box. For outbound calls, receptionist minutes are calculated by counting the time the Outbound Call Specialist is on the call, as well as the time they spend sending a follow-up email to fill you in on the results of the call.

    How do I check my Receptionist Minute Usage?

    • You can keep track of your receptionist minute usage in your Grasshopper account. Your usage is updated approximately every 5 minutes.

    What happens if I go over my receptionist minutes?

    • If you exceed the number of minutes included in your plan, you will be charged a per minute rate based on your plan.
      • Starter: $3.98/minute
      • Grow: $2.99/minute
      • Elevate: $2.85/minute

    Does Ruby offer service in other languages?

    • Yes, Ruby offers bilingual receptionists in English and Spanish, at no extra cost.

    Why aren't my voicemails in the Grasshopper app?

    • When Ruby is enabled, calls are handled by a receptionist, the informational messages and voicemails will come from Ruby. A receptionist will send you messages in the form of email, text or directly within the app with all information relevant to your missed call. When Ruby is not enabled, any voicemails left directly on your Grasshopper number will still come through your Grasshopper app and email as normal.

    How do I cancel Ruby?

    Call Grasshopper support and ask them to cancel or remove Ruby from your account.

    If I need support, should I call Ruby directly or Grasshopper?

    • If you have issues with call forwarding for your extensions or what happens before a call gets routed to your receptionist, contact customer support. If you have issues with the call handling once the call is picked up by the receptionist, please contact Ruby support.