How do I set up the Name Directory (extension 8)?

    The Name Directory (extension 8) allows callers to reach employees' extensions by searching for them by name. It is created on each account by default, but it is up to an admin to set it up for use.
    1. First, ensure that all employee extensions have been added.
    2. Next, configure the Name Directory.
      1. Sign in at
      2. Select Extensions.
      3. Select Edit next to "Extension 8 - Name Directory."
      4. Use the text fields to enter in the first and last name of each employee next to their assigned extension.
      5. Select Save & Close when finished.
    3. Lastly, ensure that the account's main greeting lets callers know to press 8 if they know who they would like to reach and want to hear the directory.
    4. If desired, you can also set up recorded name greetings for each extension. This will allow callers to hear the name of the employee before being connected to the extension. Otherwise, the caller will just hear the extension number announced after they've searched by name.
    Note: If you signed up for Grasshopper prior to June 2011, your account may look different. Go to Settings > Name Directory.