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How do I make outgoing phone calls?

    The easiest way to make an outbound call is from our mobile or desktop apps. You can also make calls from a landline using the Calling Card feature.

    Note: All outbound calls are subject to our reasonable use policy. Grasshopper reserves the right without prior notice to disconnect or suspend your service if we determine that your use of the service violates the reasonable use policy.

    Make a call from the mobile app

    Make sure your cell phone number is entered correctly in the app under Settings > My Mobile Number before you make a call. This is not your Grasshopper number but the number of the mobile device you are going to call from. If you cell phone number is not entered correctly then you will not be able to make calls from the app.

    1. Sign in to the app for iOS or Android.
    2. Tap Call in the lower toolbar.
    3. Enter phone number you wish to call.
    4. Tap Call.

    Make a call from the desktop app

    1. Download the desktop app.
    2. Log in to the desktop app.
    3. Click Dialer in the left navigation.
    4. Enter the phone number you wish to call (you can also use your keyboard to do this).
    5. Click Call.

    Make a call from a landline phone

    1. First, ensure that you have activated outbound dialing and registered the landline phone number.
    2. From the phone, dial (888) 989-8688.
    3. You'll hear the message "phone number recognized". When prompted, dial the phone number you want to call.

    Make a call from Subscriber Mode

    1. Dial your Grasshopper phone number.
    2. Enter * and then dial the extension number followed by #.
    3. Enter the extension's pin followed by #.
    4. Press 6 to make an outbound call and then press 1.
    5. Dial the phone number you'd like to call followed by #.