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I can’t make calls from the mobile app

Follow the steps below to troubleshoot outbound call issues on the mobile app.

  1. Verify the correct mobile number is registered in the mobile app as a trusted number.
    1. From the mobile app, go to Settings > My mobile number.
    2. You should see the phone number of the device you’re using. If it is incorrect, please fix this and try your call again.
  2. Verify the correct extension is selected. This could be the issue if your settings in the mobile app and online portal don't match.
    1. From the mobile app, go to Settings > My extension.
    2. Verify the selected extension is one that forwards to your cell phone number, then try your call again. If you aren’t sure which extension it should be, learn more here.
  3. Verify the correct access number is selected.
    1. From the mobile app, go to Settings > Access Number.
    2. Change this to either Toll-Free or Local (depending on your business number), and then try your call again.
  4. Try disabling Wifi calling. If your internet connection is slow, your calls could be impacted.
    1. From the mobile app, go to Settings > Wifi Calling.
    2. Select the WiFi Calling toggle so that it is Off, and then try your call again.
      Note: When making outbound calls with wifi calling enabled, the call will be made from your device. If you’re experiencing bad service, no data, or an outage on your device, this could also be causing issues as the app is relying on your personal device.
  5. Reinstall the app.
    1. Uninstall the mobile app from your device.
    2. Install it again.
  6. If the steps above don’t work, select Contact Support and be ready to provide the following information:
    1. Extension or phone number the call originated from
    2. Operating system and app version