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How do I add a new user?

    Add employees as users to help manage calls and text messages.See our video tutorial here.
    You must have admin permissions.
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    1. Sign in at
    2. Go to Settings > Users. If you can't access Users, then you don't have admin permissions.
    3. Select Add new user.
    4. Enter the user's contact information and then select Add user.

      The new user must use an email address that is not already used by another user in your account. The email address will be the user's username they need to log in.

    5. Enter your account password and then select Confirm.

      An email invitation will be sent to your new user to join Grasshopper. The email address you entered will be their username and they will need to create a password upon accepting the invitation. Please note, by default the new user has no access to any extension or phone numbers.

    6. Optional: To grant extensions permissions, select the drop down menu next to Extension access. Select On next to the extension(s) you want the user to access.
    7. Optional: To grant texting permissions, select the drop down menu next to SMS access. Select On next to the number(s) you want the user to be able to text from.
    8. Optional: To grant administrator access, select Edit next to the user, select On next to Administrator, and then enter your account password and select Confirm.