How do I place an order with the Voice Studio?

    You can hire our Voice Studio to create polished, professional greetings on your behalf.

    1. Sign in at
    2. Select Visit the Voice Studio in the right sidebar.
    3. From Voice Studio select Edit.
    4. Use the Choose a voice actor drop-down menu to select which Voice Studio professional you wish to use. You can click Listen to preview each one.
    5. From Write your scripts, select as many scripts as you want (including a main greeting plus transfer, voicemail and name greetings for each extension you have set up).
    6. Write the script and then select Save script and add to order.
      Note: You can add a phonetic spelling next to your name within the script to help the voice talent with the pronunciation. If you are still concerned, give us a call and we can transfer you to our pronunciation voicemail. This will allow you to leave a message for the voice talent so they can listen to the pronunciation as well.
    7. Once you're done adding scripts, select I'm done, let's checkout!
    8. Review your order carefully, including the voice talent and script for each one. When ready, enable the final sale check box and select Purchase & submit request to Voice Studio.
    All Voice Studio requests are final sale. Once you've clicked Purchase & submit request to Voice Studio, you cannot make changes to or cancel your order. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. If any of the following scenarios apply to you, please contact support for assistance. Note that in some cases, your revised order will be subject to additional charges.
    • If you submitted a duplicate Voice Studio order by accident.
    • If you realized that you made a mistake on your script and it requires re-recording.
    • If you received your completed Voice Studio order and found that we made a mistake.
    Note: Once completed, the recordings will be sent to you via email. Once you receive the email with your recording, upload it to greetings. To learn more, visit How do I change my greeting?