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How can I set up Ruby?

    Ruby can be set up on your If you have updated your app to v5.3.1 or greater and are not receiving push notifications, please select Contact Support.

    Below are some common Ruby configurations you can use for your business:

    • Forward calls to Ruby during certain hours: Ruby can answer calls during certain hours for an extension or multiple extensions. For example, if your business is open and your answering calls from 9-5 you can have Ruby set to answer calls during the hours your business is closed.
    • Use Ruby as a main greeting option: Use Ruby to answer one of your extensions from your main greeting. So, all calls for that menu option or extension will go to Ruby instead of you or another employee. For example, you can have Ruby set to a specific extension for Billing so all calls for Billing will get answered by Ruby.
    • Forward calls to Ruby all the time: Have Ruby answer all your incoming calls while you work so you can focus more on other business matters.
    • Call Forward Busy/No Answer (CFBNA): If you and your employees are too busy to answer phones you can have Ruby answer calls after a certain amount of time. This ensures that your customers will always get a live person to take their call.
    Note: If you have Ruby on your Grasshopper account, we recommend you have a separate fax number as Ruby is unable to receive fax transmissions. Grasshopper can provide a fax number for you so you'll be able to receive your faxes and incoming calls.

    To get Ruby on your Grasshopper account go to and select Get Ruby. Fill out the form and someone from Ruby will reach out to you.