Can I add another number to my account?

Yup! To add an additional number to your account, log into your account online and go to Settings , then Numbers and then Add Number.


Click on the “Select a number” drop-down to view options:

Here you can choose from a list of provided number or search for a more desirable number.

To add a vanity/custom number please click on “Search for a custom toll free number” .

You can customize the prefix of the number (888,877,866,855,844, 833 or 800)  or leave it as 8** which will search all.

Enter the words or number you are looking for and click Search

When you have chosen the new number, select "Yes, add this number to my account."


Additional Cost: For each number you add above the allotted numbers in your subscription, you will incur a fee up to $10 per month, per number.