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Transfer an Existing Phone Number to Grasshopper

Submit a request to transfer your phone numbers to us from your previous provider. Only available in the United States and Canada.

Before you begin: You must be the billing contact on your account.
To begin a phone number port, you must have the following:
  • Customer service record with your current carrier
  • A copy of the most recent bill from your current carrier
  • Your account must be in good standing (e.g., no freezes, pending orders, contractual agreements, disconnected numbers, etc.) with your current carrier
  1. Sign in at
  2. Select Transfer Your Number in the right navigation menu.
  3. Complete all the required fields.
    Important: Your information must match exactly with what's on record with your current phone service provider. Your transfer will be delayed or rejected if the information provided does not match. Refer to your current bill or customer service record. The following information is required.
    • Phone number(s) to transfer. The local, toll-free, or Canadian phone number that you want to transfer to your Grasshopper account. You can include multiple local phone numbers on a single request form by entering the other local phone numbers in the Additional Comments field. Each toll-free or Canadian number will require a separate submission.
    • Grasshopper number. Any one of your Grasshopper phone numbers can serve as your account number, even if it's a temporary number. This phone number indicates which Grasshopper account the porting number(s) should be transferred to.
    • Authorizing name. Account holder's name exactly as it appears with your existing phone provider.
    • Billing phone number. Main phone number on your customer account with your current provider.
    • Current service provider. Verizon, AT&T, T Mobile, etc.
    • Address. Physical service address listed with your current provider. Numbers cannot be transferred with a P.O. Box listed as your service address. Numbers with different service addresses require separate request forms.
    • Account number. Account number with your current carrier (found on your billing statement). It may be the number you are transferring or a unique account number.
    • Account PIN. Security PIN for your account if your current carrier requires a PIN (wireless numbers only).
    • Last four digits of SSN. Current account holder's last four digits of their social security number (wireless numbers only).
    • Tax ID number. Required for business accounts (wireless numbers only).
  4. Select Sign Letter of Authorization.
    Warning: Do not cancel your current service until the number transfer is complete. As long as your number remains active with your current provider, it's unlikely that you will experience any downtime. However, if you do, contact your current provider.
Results: After submitting the online form, you will receive copies of your letter of authorization (LOA). Our number transfer team will begin processing your request. Once a tentative date has been set, the number transfer team will notify you.
  • Local phone numbers: 7-10 business days to become active (pending no rejection)
  • Toll-free phone numbers: 3-5 business days to become active (pending no rejection)
Note: If your current carrier rejects your request, we will notify you immediately by email with steps to resolve it. If you haven't heard from us, we are still on track to transfer your number on the tentative date provided.