If your phone number transfer into Grasshopper was rejected, you’ll receive an email from the Number Management team indicating the reason your existing carrier rejected the request. The most common issue is a mismatch between the authorizing name or address listed on your current account vs. your Letter of Authorization.

Your first step will be to contact your existing carrier to obtain the correct information. For local number transfers, the best way to do this is to request a Customer Service Record. Most providers will require that the account owner contact them directly, so Grasshopper isn’t able to contact them on your behalf. In addition, we are not able to make these changes for you per FCC regulation. 

Once you have the correct information, you can proceed as follows:

  • If your existing carrier tells you the information is correct and to resubmit your transfer request without any changes, please reach out to our Customer Care team and let us know. We'll resubmit your transfer request to your current provider.
  • If you get updated information and need to make changes to a local number transfer request, please reply directly to the Number Management team's email and let them know what the new changes are. This will allow our team to resubmit the information exactly the way it should appear on the new request. Make sure you've included all of the required supporting documentation for your transfer!
  • If you get updated information and need to make changes to a toll-free number transfer request, please submit a new Online Transfer Request form with the updated information. Alternatively, you can also print the old Letter of authorization and cross out the incorrect information, then initial and date each change. 

Note: If you got a rejection while trying to transfer a phone number out of Grasshopper, we recommend obtaining a Customer Service Record to ensure that you have the right information before re-submitting your transfer request to your new provider. Please note that each number has its own billing telephone number.