What is the status of my number transfer?


  1. Once you have submitted the online transfer form, a copy of your Letter of Authorization (LOA) is sent to you and our Number Transfer team.
  2. After we receive your LOA, our team will reach out to your carrier and begin the transfer. Once a tentative date is assigned for your transfer, you are notified immediately.
    • The transfer process for local phone numbers typically takes 7-10 business days.
    • The transfer process for toll free numbers typically takes 3-5 business days.
      • This includes the time it takes for your number to be received, processed, released by your current provider, and then routed to your Grasshopper account.
  3. If your carrier rejects the information provided in the LOA, we notify you right away!
    • Rejections can be caused from missing account information or incorrect information provided on your LOA. 
  4. The number team is great with keeping you updated! If you haven't heard from us, it means we are still on track to transfer your number on the tentative date provided!

If you need any additional help with this transfer process, reach out to Grasshopper Support. We won’t be able to view your transfer status, but we can get you through to the people who can help. Our Number Management Department and the underlying providers are available to help Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST.