Grasshopper SMS (texting) allows you to send and receive text messages on your Grasshopper number using the mobile or desktop apps. This also includes texts with multimedia content (pictures, videos, group messages), known as MMS.

We have plans that include free SMS (texting) so depending on the plan you are on SMS is included for free or an additional fee of $10/month per phone number. With very few exceptions, any local, toll-free or custom Grasshopper number is eligible to have texting enabled.

NOTE: If you ported your number into Grasshopper, it can take about 3-5 business days for the SMS feature to be activated.

Check out these articles on using Grasshopper SMS from the mobile and desktop apps! 

Limitations of Grasshopper SMS (texting):

  • Texts cannot be sent to international numbers
  • Texts cannot be sent from a toll-free number to a Canadian number
  • Multimedia (MMS) and group texting is available for local numbers only 
  • Texts cannot be sent to short codes (i.e., no voting for American Idol!)
  • No guarantee that short code text messages will be delivered



How do I enable texting?