What is instant response?

    If you miss a call from a new client, instant response allows you to send an automatic reply via text so you can make contact right away. This ensures that you never miss out on connecting with a new client, even when you are unavailable to answer a call. Instant response messages have a 160 character maximum. Instant responses will only be sent to first-time callers (who are not an existing contact on your phone).

    Attention: If using a toll-free phone number for instant response, make sure you have verified your phone number for text messages.

    Instant response messages will not be sent for the following reasons:

    • First-time callers who leave a voicemail.
    • Repeat callers.
    • Callers who hang up without selecting an extension first.

    To set up instant response messages for your account, see How do I set up instant response messages?

    Note: Instant response is available to users with admin access only. Any user who needs to use instant response must be made an admin. SMS texting must be enabled as an add-on in order to use instant response.