If you have more than one call forwarding number on an extension, Call Blasting will ring each line simultaneously to reduce wait times for your callers. Call blasting can support up to 15 different call forwarding destinations. Turning on this feature will add a fee $10/ per month to your bill.

To turn on Call Blasting, go to Settings , then click Features and select Add Call Blasting.

Call Blasting will be automatically turned on on all extensions.

To change this, go to Extensions , click Edit the extension you want to change this setting for, select Options and change ' Simultaneously ' in the ' This extension should call each of my phone numbers ' to in order, just once or indefinitely, until someone picks up.


Note: If you started using Grasshopper before June 2011, your account may look different. You'll need to contact our support team to enable this feature for you before it can be used on your account.

Once the feature is activated, please follow these steps instead:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on Extensions tab.
  • Click on the Department/ Employee extension that you want this feature on.
  • Click on Call Forwarding tab at sidebar.
  • Expand "This extension should call each of my phone numbers..." option.
  • Select "Simultaneously" option.