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What happens to my voicemails stored on the Grasshopper platform?

    Most customers receive an email notification of each voicemail with the actual recording attached. You can download those recordings from your email and save them to your computer. That way, you never lose them.

    You can also locate your voicemails on the online account, mobile app,and desktop app. For any voicemails currently stored in your account, please download them from our the admin portal as soon as possible to ensure nothing critical is lost. Voicemails saved on the Grasshopper system are deleted every 30 days. We do this to ensure that your inbox maintains a moderate capacity, and is never too full to accept more messages.

    Please follow the steps below to download your voicemails:

    1. Sign in at
    2. Go to Messages & Calls > Voicemails.
    3. To the right of a voicemail, select More.
    4. Select Download message. The attached recording will be available for playback as long as you save it on your computer.
    Note: Once the account has been deactivated, voicemails stored on the Grasshopper platform will no longer be accessible.