The Detail report shows all types of calls and connections. Here’s the breakdown of what each means to you:

Outbound Calls

  • Follow-me-call connected: Caller dialed an extension and was connected.
  • Follow-me-call not connected: Caller dialed an extension, was put on hold but was not connected.
  • Follow-me-call connected, then transferred to another number: Caller was connected and then transferred to another extension within your account.
  • Transfer call, outbound portion of a supervised transfer prior to re-connect: Portion of the transfer during which the person who is initiating the transfer is trying to reach the person to whom the call will be transferred to.
  • Outbound calling card call successful: Outbound call that has been successfully connected.
  • Rejected or failed blast call: Blast was attempted to a line but the call was not accepted or had already been answered by another line.
  • Successful blast call: Blast call that was successfully answered.

Inbound Calls

  • Completed calls: Incoming call that ended up in voicemail.
  • Hangup: Caller abandoned the call before it went to voicemail or forwarded to a person
  • Subscriber mode call: Caller pressed * and entered PIN successfully.
  • Inbound leg of follow-me-call: Caller is waiting to be connected to a person after selecting an extension.
  • Conference call: Each seat in the conference is counted as a separate part of the conference call and is billed accordingly.

Outbound Fax Calls (for "Fax on demand" feature)

  • Fax out successful: Fax messages forwarded to a fax machine.
  • Fax out failed: Failed attempt to forward fax messages to a fax machine.

Inbound Fax Calls

  • Fax in successful: Successfully received fax to your account.
  • Fax in failed: Failed attempt to fax to your account.