Our Grasshopper mobile apps allow you to use and manage your Grasshopper account on the go. Note that you must be a registered user in the Grasshopper online portal in order to log into and use the apps. 

  1. Install the Grasshopper app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play store
  2. Sign in to the app with the same Grasshoper username and password used to sign in online.
  3. Enter your cell phone number to register your phone and authorize it to make Grasshopper calls. Tap Yes to confirm. 
  4. Select which extension the incoming and outgoing calls should be linked to. 
  5. When prompted with app permissions, choose which permissions to enable. For the optimal experience, we highly recommend that you choose "Allow" or "Okay" for both. 
    • Push notifications: This allows Grasshopper to notify you of texts, voicemails, and missed calls. 
    • Access contacts: This allows you to acces your contacts while making outgoing calls from the Grasshopper app. 

Note: Are you using our new Grasshopper Connect app instead? That changes things! See FAQs here.