Our Grasshopper mobile apps allow you to use and manage your Grasshopper account on the go. Note that you must be a registered user in the Grasshopper online portal in order to log into and use the apps. 

NOTE: If you are reinstalling the Grasshopper mobile app your text message read data will be lost. Meaning that your text messages will appear as unread when you reinstall and sign back into the mobile app. You will have to go back through your text messages and mark them as read.

  1. Download the Grasshopper app iOS or Android on your phone.
  2. Enter your username (or email address) and password. Please note that Grasshopper passwords are case sensitive.
  3. Enter your mobile number. This is to register your cell phone as a trusted device for making outgoing Grasshopper calls.
  4. Tap the arrow in the upper right corner, then tap Yes to confirm your mobile number is correct.
  5. When prompted with allowing app notifications we recommend you enable them for the optimal experience. Push notifications allow Grasshopper to notify you of texts, voicemails, and missed calls.
  6. Optional: Add your business contacts that are on your mobile device to Grasshopper.
    1. Tap Add Business Contacts.
    2. Select which contacts to add.
    3. Tap Add Contacts.
  7. Choose an extension to use for outbound calls. This will only show in the call log.

Result: The Grasshopper mobile app is now set up on your mobile device.

Note: Are you using our new Grasshopper Connect app instead? That changes things! See FAQs here.