How do I set up instant response text messages?

    Set up instant response to send automatic text replies to missed calls from new clients. Enable the default response message or customize your own for each individual Grasshopper phone number.

    Attention: If using a toll-free phone number for instant response, make sure you have verified your phone number for text messages.
    Note: Instant response is available to users with admin access only. Any user who needs to use instant response must be made an admin. SMS texting must be enabled as an add-on in order to use instant response.
    1. Go to the instant response settings.
      • On the web, log in to Settings.
      • On the iOS or Android app, select Settings in the lower toolbar.
      • On the Windows or Mac desktop app, select the Settings icon in the top menu.
    2. Select Instant Response.
    3. Click or tap the toggle next to the desired Grasshopper phone number (or select Activate).
    4. To make changes to the default message, select Edit (160 character max).
    5. If you'd like to use the same message for all phone numbers, select Apply To All. If you'd like to customize the message for each phone number, repeat these steps for each one.

    If you do not see one of your phone numbers listed under instant response, it is because SMS texting must first be enabled as an add on for that phone number.