Users with admin access can run reports at any time. If you do not have admin access, please ask an admin on your account to run the report for you. Our Customer Care team cannot run reports on your behalf. 

All past reports can be accessed in the web portal for 90 days, at which point all data is deleted. 

  1. Log in to Reports at
  2. Click Run Now next to the type of report you want to run.
  3. Fill out at all customization options when prompted (name, included extensions and numbers, time zone) and click Save & Run
  4. The pending report will appear at the bottom of the page under "My Reports." It may take a couple of minutes for the report to complete, depending on the amount of data; click Refresh to reload the page. 
  5. Once it is ready, it will display "Complete" under the Status column. Click the CSV icon under "Download" to download the file onto your computer.