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Detail Report Overview

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Report Parameters

Report field Description
Date/Time Date and time of the interaction.
VPS Number Grasshopper phone number associated with the call data.
Duration Total amount of time (mm:ss) of the interaction.
Caller ID Phone number that initiated the call.
  • In an incoming call: The caller’s phone number.
  • In an outgoing call: The user who dialed out.
Connecting Number Endpoint of the call.
  • In an incoming call: Forwarding number/application where it connected.
  • In an outgoing call: External number the user dialed.
Extension Extension involved in the call.
Direction Inbound calls:
  • In: When the caller dials your business phone number.
  • Out: When the call connects to the forwarding number.
Outbound calls:
  • In: When the user initiates a call in Grasshopper.
  • Out: When the call connects with the dialed number.
Type Brief description of the call.

Report type descriptions

Outbound calls

Report field Description
Mobile inbound The user initiates a call within Grasshopper.
Mobile outbound connected When the call connects with the dialed number.

Inbound calls

Report field Description
Inbound leg of forwarded call An incoming call is received by the forwarding system before being redirected per the forwarding settings.
Forwarded call connected Forwarded call that was answered.
Forwarded call not-connected Forwarded call that wasn't answered.
Voicemail Incoming call that went to voicemail.
Hangup The caller hung up before speaking to someone or going to voicemail.
Forwarded call connected, then transferred to another number An incoming call that followed the forwarding settings, was answered by the user, and then transferred to another extension.
Rejected or failed blast call Call blasting was attempted to a line, but the call was not accepted or had been answered by another line.
Successful blast call Blasted call that was answered.

Inbound fax calls

Report field Description
Fax in successful Fax received by your account.
Fax in failed Failed fax attempt to your account.