If you wish to make outgoing Grasshopper calls from a landline phone, you'll first need to activate and register the Calling Card feature on your landline using the steps below. 

First, contact our Customer Care team and request that the "outbound dialing" (i.e., the "Calling Card" feature) be activated for the necessary extensions on your account. Be sure to include your Master PIN in the request. 

  1. Once it is activated, register each separate landline phone as follows:
    1. Call (888) 989-8688 from the landline phone.
    2. Enter your Grasshopper phone number, then press Pound (#).
    3. Enter the extension number, followed by Pound (#).
    4. Enter the pin number for that extension, followed by Pound (#).
  2. You can now make outgoing Grasshopper calls from your landline(s).