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How can I check my voicemails in Grasshopper?

    Learn how to check your voicemail.

    Option How-to
    1. Sign in at
    2. Select Messages & Calls.
    3. Select Voicemails and select the play button to listen to your voicemail.
    Desktop app
    1. Sign in to the desktop app.
    2. Select Messages from the left sidebar.
    Mobile app Get our iPhone or Android app to check your messages on the go.
    Dial in You can also call in to your Grasshopper phone number and check your messages via phone!
    1. Dial your Grasshopper phone number and press * (star).
    2. Enter your extension number, followed by #.
    3. Enter the pin number for your extension, followed by #.
    4. Press 1 to review your messages.