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Can I change my extension's ring time?

    Yes, you can customize the length of time that an incoming call rings to your phone before going to voicemail.

    Note: Setting the ring time too short will not allow enough time for your phone to ring before sending the call to voicemail, so 25 seconds or more is recommended.
    1. Log in to Extensions at
    2. Sign in at
    3. Select Extensions and select Edit next to the desired extension.
    4. Select Edit next to each call-forwarding number.
    5. Adjust the Ring for... time as follows:
      • If the option Calls will connect to you as soon as you pick up (direct connect) is selected, set the ring time to 180 seconds or more.
      • If the other options are selected (call announce or call screening), set the ring time to 25 - 40 seconds.
    6. Select Save & Close when finished.