How do I transfer my toll free number to Grasshopper?

If you already have a toll free number for your business, you can still use it with your new Grasshopper account. It’s like magic! Here’s the simple 3-step process to getting your transfer on:

Before you start the number transfer process, make sure you have:

  • Your account information exactly as it appears in your current provider's records.
  • A digital or scanned copy of your most recent bill - don’t worry about sending it all, just the first page.

1. When you’ve got all that info handy, fill out our Transfer Form to start the actual transfer process.

2. Next, submit your transfer order online along with the digital copy of the recent bill that you rustled up. (If you don’t have a digital copy of your bill, you can scan and attach the front page with your order or fax to 800-405-7519.)

3. Finally, once we get all this info from you, we'll start processing your transfer. The whole transfer process can take up to three weeks, so please have patience! We know waiting is tough, but promise it’s worth the wait!

Here’s a couple things to also note:

  • Certain carriers will not accept an electronic signature and will require a hand-signed copy. You can email the signed copy to us here: or fax to 800-405-7519.
  • Once you submit your form, we'll take it from there and work with your carrier to get everything wrapped up and transferred over.
  • During the transfer process, Grasshopper will become your number's RespOrg (or "Responsible Organization") so we can initiate the final stage of your transfer. This will include moving your number into the Grasshopper system. When it’s all transferred over, we’ll send you an email alert and a virtual high five.
  • In some extreme cases the process may take a bit longer than normal, especially if there are any delays due to rejections from your former provider. But don’t worry, we promise to keep you informed of the progress throughout the transfer process!
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