The easiest way to make outgoing Grasshopper calls is using our mobile or desktop apps, which have outbound dialing included by default and do not require any additional setup. However, you can also make outgoing Grasshopper calls from a landline using the "Calling Card" feature (i.e., outbound dialing). 

With this feature, your Grasshopper number will show as the Caller ID on other people’s phones when you make landline calls. It’s great for maintaining the privacy of your own personal line, and for distributing your new Grasshopper number professionally. And don’t worry - if you have multiple lines, you can register each one to use this feature. This is a great option if you want all your employees to call out using your Grasshopper number!

We include the Calling Card feature on all plans, but it’s disabled by default to avoid fraud and unauthorized use. If you wish to make outgoing Grasshopper calls from a landline phone, learn how to enable and use the "Calling Card" feature now. 

Please keep the following in mind:

  • This feature will only work if the caller ID for this line is ALWAYS the same. This will not work for a randomly generated number (such as Skype or other online services).
  • If you are not on an Unlimited Minutes plan, minutes used with this feature are deducted from the included minutes in your plan. If you go over your included minutes, you’ll be charged the overage rate of your plan.